Tired, wish I had more sleep…traveling gets old.


I’m really feeling the effects of traveling…not being able to eat (healthy) when I need to, and not having water or liquids when I want/need it, not getting enough sleep each night, spending too many hours figuring out work crap, working too late, working immediately when I get up and worst of all – phone calls left and right by 9:30am – but I am always thankful for my little blessings, like good health especially this time of year. I actually got the flu shot for the first time in my life, and (cross my fingers) I haven’t contracted the virus so far, and everyone around me is getting sick.

Last night was rough – did my workouts really late. But I wanted to make sure I got them in. This morning I did 25 prisoner squats and 25 plie squats.  I’m starting to do them while I brush my teeth…which makes me end up brushing longer, and that’s a good thing!

I was amazed yesterday that I was able to do 50 bicycles non-stop and with correct form! It’s becoming my favorite ab exercise. I was also able to do 25 pushups non-stop. I may have to start adding weights for the pushups at some point or do declines for more resistance.

I am able to do 5 pull-ups with medium effort these days, where as 1 year ago, I was not even able to get up to the bar and stay on it. I think the Muscle + class has been the most effective on strength.

Normal Things I Can Do Now Almost Effortlessly:

  • Bring in lots of groceries without breaking a sweat
  • Carry big boxes or big items mostly using my biceps/triceps without dragging or pushing it in
  • I can pick up heavy kids
  • I can work in the warehouse lifting heavy boxes LITERALLY without breaking a sweat
  • I don’t strain weird muscles any more
  • I can pull stuff using my bicep/chest muscles instead of my back, so not to strain my back
  • So many more “normal” everyday things since I’ve gotten stronger

Zumba: I took the first Zumba class a few days before my last birthday. So in a few weeks I’ll have been actively doing Zumba for a year! Proud of this because Zumba is the first class I’ve ever taken by myself and I had no idea what it was when I walked into a packed room and squeezed myself in the very back corner behind a sweaty gay man. I smiled the whole time because as silly as I thought it was, I was having fun…and being in the back, you can’t even see the instructor. When the instructor asked if anyone was new to Zumba…I did not raise my hand. I just didn’t want to bring attention to myself. But I’m just really proud that Zumba was one of the first things I’ve ever initiated, attempted, progressed, and stuck with completely on my own without any idea of what it is. I literally smiled and laughed the whole time at myself in that back corner, missing every step and move. Needless to say, I went back the following Monday to do it all over again.


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