Tues, 1/8 Food & Exercise Log

Day started at 6:45am

25 prisoner squats
25 plies
52 burpees

Muscle + class: 6:30pm
12 Reverse flys 15lbs per arm
12 Weighted lunge switches 15lbs per arm
X3 superset

12 Chest flys 15lbs total 30lbs
12 Hammer curls 15lbs each arm
X3 super sets

12 Deep plies with 1 weight pickups
Plank 30secs
X3 super sets

12 Push-ups
12 Delay push-ups
12 Pulsing push-ups

90 sec calf raises

12 Triceps weight 15lbs

12 Upright rows 15lbs per arm

15 min ab routine
4 min planks/side planks/and more planks
Reverse crunches
V sit-ups
Around the world crunches
Rope climbs
& more I don’t know what they are called

Absolution class: 25 mins
236 crunches
Planks / side planks pulse
Oblique v
Top hat
Elevated crunching

Worked on transverse muscles the ones underneath the top layer of abs and lower abs

.25 power bar
Half wheat raisin bagel

Caesar salad with chicken and grated parm cheese


3 packs of seasoned seaweed
(15 calories each)
Power aide zero


3 street tacos – ate 2 lengua tacos with double corn tortilla, cilantro onion salsa and lime, last one ate only the fish cilantro onions lime no tortilla
Chips salsa cheese

2 orange tic tacs
1/2 tbsp of peanut butter (for some sugar)


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