“Why Aren’t You Losing Weight?” An article from LifeScript.com


I’m always wondering this, along with any other woman in this world. I feel like I eat pretty good, I exercise on a regular basis, but I’m not “losing” any weight. Or am I? Sometimes the pounds shed too much in a short period of time, sometimes I sit on 125 for 4 months. What am I doing wrong?

This article lists lots of reason why we’re not losing weight, when we feel as though we are actively and conciously trying.

It goes into details but here are the bullet points:

  • Misreading nutrition labels
  • Restaurant splurges
  • Absent-Minded eating
  • Portion distortion
  • Eating too fast
  • Alcohol and booze
  • Exercise plateau
What’s Your Diet Downfall?
You already know if you’re a junk food junkie or a sucker for bread and butter. You know if you’ve got a sweet tooth or a salty incisor. So what else is there to know about why your diet isn’t working? Find out if you’re unwittingly sabotaging your weight-loss plan and adding inches to your waistline with this diet quiz.
This picture makes me laugh in an LOL kind of a way, because it’s true. 🙂



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