Pilates and the end of week one’s meal plan! New meal plan coming soon!

Today I started my day a little late, I slept in til 9am, showered then got dressed, made a peanut butter rollup in a tortilla, and was on my way to a pilates class at 10am. I rolled in late, as usual, fumbled my keys and cellphone and dropped it on the floor, then tripped as I walked to the closet to get a mat. Then after taking off my shoes, I realized I wore mis-matching socks….as I pretended that it was no big deal, I started the downward dog….and between staring at my feet, I thought, maybe I should take these off.

The entire time, I kept thinking to myself, “man I wish I was in the power pump class, getting a real workout”. But what I should have been thinking was, “It’s pretty awesome to roll out of bed and straight into a gym class!” Maybe I would have had a bigger smile on my face. But no big deal. Finished the class feeling soreness in muscles I didn’t think I had.

I made myself a big brunch instead of a real breakfast or lunch. I had to rush out for pilates, so I didn’t get a chance to follow the meal plan today. But I did create myself a big brunch with 3 fried eggs. Have you cooked 3 fried eggs in awhile? It’s alot of food! Funny thing is, I had 2 medium eggs, 60 cals each, and 1 extra large jumbo egg at 80 cals. Between those 3 eggs, 1/4 avocado, 1/4 cup diced tomatoes, dash of salt, 1 tbsp of sweet chili sauce all on top of Ole High Fiber Tortilla my grand total for calories for my big brunch was 452.50. Which is pretty good for a big lunch.

I was planning on taking my dog out and doing a family hike today, but the weather looked uncertain, so we decided to do something more indoors. We saw Django Unchained matinee.  Before the show, we had a “lunch” even though I already ate, I still went and hung out. I had about 2 cups of lentil soup with some pita bread.

Today was supposed to be high-calorie day composed of 2000 calories. I believe I am still pretty far below it. Yesterday I was craving for more food, especially with the HIIT workout, but I wanted to be able to follow it closely enough to measure its effectiveness.

Racheal and I like the plan because on low-calorie days, we just need to stick with it enough until the next day when we know we will get more food. The funny part is, if I can just muster the willpower to stay within the calorie limits, I’m usually not hungry enough to eat all 2000 calories. The new meal plan for this upcoming week will be posted soon, and I hope you can join us and give us your thoughts on it, and what changes or substitutions you would make. Calories is what we are concerned with so when we make substitutions its to keep within the limits of calories.



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