Don’t force willpower

“Willpower is important, but it needs to be practiced, not forced. The more we force ourselves to do too many things that don’t feel easy (all at once), the more likely we are to fail. Feelings of deprivation leads to binging. Even thinking about depriving ourselves leads to compensatory eating reactions. That’s how powerful willpower is.”

I read this on a fitness bloggers site and find a lot of truth in it. It’s a strange coincidence when the more you try to not eat the piece of cake that all you think about is eating it. And while you are not eating it your eating things like it and while depriving yourself from it it begins to consume your thoughts and you ultimately give in and usually in a bad way.

Failing is part of changing and adopting this lifestyle. Moderately easing into this lifestyle or any new changes has the highest level of effectiveness.

Some things I can do cold turkey like I quit drinking regular sodas one day and never went back. I stopped eating pizza on a regular basis. I stopped eating McDonald’s cold turkey in December of 2010.

But if its things you love that you know is not good for you, it’s hard to let it go completely. I still treat myself to a cup of ice cream or a piece of chocolate or a slice of pizza. There no reason to completely remove it from your life. But there’s no balance if you are constantly binging on Chinese food more than once a week.

Willpower should definitely be practiced and saying no now doesn’t mean you always have to say no.

The idea is to not want those things as bad as you do now. I LOVE ICE CREAM. I could eat a half gallon for dinner. But that’s the kind of behavior we are trying to reduce and avoid.

There’s a perfect balance we are trying to achieve so we can have our cake and eat it too.


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