Sat, 1/12 Food & Exercise Log

Day started 9:30am

Pilates at 10am class


Saturday: High-calorie (2000 calories)


2-egg omelet with 1-oz cheddar cheese, 1/4 cup chopped red peppers, and 2 nitrate/nitrite free turkey sausage links: (142 and 113 and 6 and 132 = 387 calories)

I had to run out for Pilates so I made a quick peanut butter roll up and left the house. 300 cals

1 wedge honeydew melon (45 calories)

1 slice whole wheat toast with 1 tbsp raspberry preserves: (100 and 50 = 150 calories)


1/2 cup lowfat milk (52 calories)

1 cup cinnamon shredded wheat (200 calories)


1 cup whole wheat spaghetti (176 calories)

½ cup marinara sauce (111 calories)

½ cup zucchini (10 calories)

3 oz sliced grilled chicken breast (140 calories)

I made a 3 egg wrap with avocado and diced tomato with sweet chili sauce. Total calories 462.50.


50 pistachios (160 calories)
4 strawberries 24 cals

2 c lentil soup from Babylon
Pita bread and about 3 tbsp of hummus
Total cals less than 500


Black bean veggie burger (115 calories)

Whole wheat bun (120 calories)

Tomato slice (3 calories)

Romaine leaf (1 calories)

Onion ring (2 calories)

1/3 cup (uncooked) quinoa with ¼ cup sundried tomatoes and 6 artichoke hearts (160 and 35 and 20 = 215 calories)

I made a wheat pasta dish with Italian meatballs, marinara sauce from a jar, bell pepper, mushroom, diced tomato, panko topping and 1tsp of olive oil. Total calories less than 600.


Instant hot chocolate, prepared with water: (113 calories)

16 animal crackers (120 calories)

1 c of fat free vanilla bean ice cream 200 cals

Total: 2100 calories





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