Sun, 1/13 Food and Exercise Log

Day started at 8:30am

Today was off day but we managed to play a hard game of ultimate frisbee. Do I’m sure we burned quite a bit of cals.


Low Calorie Day – 1200 cals


1 c. shredded wheat
1c. FF milk

Missed bfast


1 banana (100 cals)



1T hummus

½ c. shredded carrots

4 olives

2 oz. deli chicken


¼ c. avocado

I had a 2 egg breakfast in a tortilla with avocado tomato sweet chili sauce and 1 tsp of olive oil dash of salt. 462.50 cals


String Cheese
2 kiwis

2 strawberries and a black berry 15 cals

1 tbsp of peanut butter 190 cals


½ chicken breast
2 plum tomatoes sliced, roasted with 2 T parm
1c. cooked c couscous
1 c broccoli

Went to Jason’s deli and got a turkey wrap with lettuce tomato avocado and steamed veggies. 510 cals

Additional bites of hummus, tomato basil soup and 1 very small soft serve ice cream cone, less than 400 cals

Total 1600 cals



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