12 days left in January until check in!

I’m excited to check in my progress for the last month. Keeping up with this kind of a thing that is pretty time sensitive and intensive costs so much time out of my day than to just do the stuff. But I want it so I’m willing to pay the price.

However, if you never log your successes, failures, goals and accomplishments, you’ll never truly see how much hard work you’ve put into it.

I believe in the big picture and making changes that improve your well-being, happiness, personal aspirations and more.

The most important thing in life is loving the people that are important to you the best way you possibly can. But you can’t love someone else if your self-esteem is low. These things we do everyday is always centered around self-esteem. Getting a new haircut, buying a new outfit, or putting on a beautiful old pair of dramatic earrings. Believing in yourself and feeling confident will keep anyone from breaking you down.

For 2013 and beyond, I’m not gonna depend on anyone to get me to where I want to be. And I’m not going to cry every Thursday evening and Saturday morning for no reason.

I’m going to focus on my circle of influence, the things I can control.


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