1/19, Sat Food & Exercise Log

Day started at 930am

My Workout for today! HIIT Max from BodyRock and my own…


BodyRock – work 50 rest 10 – 18 roundsSkip High Knees
Pull Ups
Skip Criss Cross
Row PRess Leg Kicks
Skip High Knees
Frog Abs
Skip High Knees in and out
Exploding Star
Skip side to side
Wood Chop Left
Skip High Knees
Wood Chop Right
Skip High Knees
Elevated Pushup
Skip High Knees Left
Weighted Front Lunge with Kick Left
Skip High Knees Right
Weighted Front Lunge with kick Right

My own: 50/10 with counts 18 rounds
20 Rings Leg Raises
30 Push ups
34 squat jumps
23 bands inner/outer thighs
26 dead bugs
57 jukes
41 bikes
13 pushups with crunch
13 burpee
40 tricep dips
5 pullup on rings
56 high knees
50 second plank
17/31 standing side crunch
15/21 inner thigh lunge
30 curls
36 shoulder presses

Total time, right at 40 minutes for both.


I can’t detail this day out as much, I just don’t remember:
1/2 c chobani yogurt1 c fresh fruit
Sprinkle cinnamon
Sprinkle 1 packet of splenda



peanut butter rollup

Peanut butter rollup

Salsa’s Carribean Restaurant

Appetizer: 2 pieces – Jamaican Frittata with shrimp in a sweet potato wrap
Lamb Diabla – very spicy so I couldn’t eat much, maybe less than half


This below is Scott’s dinner that I took a few bites of. Fire roasted chicken in a tortilla





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