Tues, 1/22 Food & Exercise Log

Happy birthday to me! 29 and loving it!

Day started 7:45 am

EXERCISE1000 jump ropes – 10:30 mins
25 Pushups
25 Pushups with knee crunch
5 chest flys
25 squat jumps

Chicken Hash recipe I made up – super yummy! Roughly 400 calories
1 c almond milk 30 cals

Peanut Butter on half a sandwich thin – 190 + 50 = 240 cals

Ridgewood BBQ – it was my birthday, so I chose this wonderful place that has ALOT of calories – but I didn’t binge…I ate less than half, and no bread. Just meat, 1 c of the beans, and some slaw….not able to count the calories here

Birthday cupcake…I had about 75%
1/2 c of pistachio gelato – 220 cals

Not much for dinner – went to a restaurant and had a few appetizers, as in 2 empanadillas and part of a chicken curry puff pastry. Not able to calculate calories here either.
Oh, I also had a skinnygirl martini – less than 200 calories




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