Wed, 1/23 Food & Exercise Log

Day started 7:30am

Hiit Session: Tabata 20/10 – 3 rounds each
Seal Jacks
Weighted Squats
Elevated crunch/situps
Torso Twists

Tabata 20/10 – 4 rounds each
Crab Kicks
Mountain Climbers

Tabata 20/10 – 5 rounds each
Plank patty cakes

1 min Throwdowns

Boot Camp Session: So much stuff, I’m just gonna list them without detail
Continuous round where the time increases: lasted for a full half hour
Shuttle runs
High Jump
Rifle Carries
Jump rope
Heels to Heaven abs

2 Mins-
70lb bag drag
Prisoner Squats
rope rumble?

Playing Cards –
Burpees, Situps, Crab Kicks, Something else

CrossFit Class: didn’t stay long…way too tired, bout 30 mins
15 minutes of As Many Rounds As You Can Do – 10 pushups, 20 situps, 30 ground touches

Celery with almond butter and craisins


Freshmarket run for shrimp fresh rolls and Inari sushi

1 scoop protein powder and water – 130 cals

1 scoop protein powder and water 130 cals
2 eggs 160 cals1 tsp olive oil 40 cals
half avocado 170 cals
2 tbsp of sweet chili sauce 56 cals

total cals – i think I’m way under today.



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