Need a lite workout? Here’s a HiitLite from BodyRock that will show you step by step some new simple exercises to try

This is a great “light” workout for beginners who are wanting to ease into HIIT training.

I remember when I first learned of HIIT workouts, I was interested but it was a little too weird for me, and when I finally had the nerve to try it, I was completely uncoordinated and then completely discouraged. I didn’t try it again for a year. It took an entire year of learning “how to exercise” before I can do a “workout” on my own without help. So if you feel discouraged, because you can’t keep up, or going too slow, just remember that your body is not used to this new thing, and it has to get a chance to get coordinated. But muscle memory is amazing, because once you’ve done it once, you’ll automatically be a lot better the next time you try that same move.

I follow the BodyRock workouts because they are simplified – and most of the time, simple is all you need to get a great workout in. A big part of a healthy lifestyle is to rewire our body and mind to these new movements, because it feels great to be able to do “normal” things without breaking a sweat.

If you are interested in learning how to get a 20 minute workout in each day by doing very simple but calorie-torching exercises, then give it a try. I do similar exercises almost every day, and I can always attest to how a 15 to 20 minute HIIT workout is far more effective than an hour on the treadmill.


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