We can do anything for 20 seconds!

Yes we can! Tabata workouts are fantastic HIITs! For just 20 seconds you can get a quality workout done in anywhere from 9 to 12 mins a day! It’s high intensity and burns far more calories than running on a treadmill for half an hour. And because its a great mixture of different exercises, you’ll get some toning in.

Today I did the HIITLite workout I posted. It took less than 9 minutes to do the circuit. I was very surprised that this “light” workout made me sweat when I typically don’t from longer more intense workouts.

What I liked about the workout was the short bursts of each exercise. I’m not doing anything long enough to get super winded so I am able to maintain the level of intensity I started.

The workout in words:
In 20/10: as many as you can
2 push-ups
2 ab curls

In 20/10: as many as you can
Jumping toe touches

In 20/10: as many as you can
4 mountain climbers
4 half burpees

In 20/10: as many as you can
Squats with leg lifts

Then repeat 3 times with 20 seconds rest in between

Also goes to show that you don’t need an hour to get a workout in. If you have a floor, you have a gym, and a great workout can be accomplished in 9-12 mins a day.



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