Binge Eating: We all do it, but why?


Binge eating is uncontrollable emotional eating. Yea, we eventually stop, but making sure we get every bite of the cheesecake, or last french fry has a strange pleasurable emotional satisfaction.

At a very young age, we were taught to finish our meals, make sure we eat every last pea or carrot. Til this day, we continue the tradition, however with calorie intense meals and huge portions, this learned lesson has made us very unhealthy.

I want to make clear what binging is: Binge eating is uncontrollable emotional eating that doesn’t satisfy the physical fact that food is fuel, yet satisfies the mental pleasure-pathways to some underlying problem. Granted, most of us are not “truly” binge eating. We are simply just eating A LOT, which has close to the same effects of binge eating.

There’s not much difference in true binge eating and bored eating. How many times have you walked around the house picking up random high-carb foods like a handful of trailmix,  a few wheat thins, then making yourself a pbj sandwich and finishing it off with a glass of milk?

Lets break this habit down.

Handful of trail mix:  2oz 262 cals
Glass of 2% milk: 1 cup 122 cals
1 Serving of Wheat Thins: 12 crackers 90 cals
PBJ sandwich: 2pcs whole wheat bread 200 cals, 2 tbsp creamy peanutbutter 190 cals, 1 tbsp jelly 50 cals = 440 cals

Total calories in this quick snack:   914 cals

This quick rummage through the pantry cost us half of our daily caloric intake based on a normal 2000 calorie diet. Were you eating for pleasure? Not really, plenty of other foods that would have been more pleasurable. Were you eating because you were hungry? No, because you didn’t stop at the trailmix. Were you eating because there was nothing else to do and food was laying around? Yes. What’s the difference between eating a whole lot in one sitting and eating for no reason throughout the day? You consume the same amount of calories, feel the same lethargic guilt, and got nothing constructive done throughout the day.

These bad habits will ruin anything you set your mind to in fitness and health. You could exercise 6 days a week, burn tons of calories, but you will not be healthy if you unconsciously consume junk food, bad carbs, and eating for no reason. You’ll never achieve that body you set out to get. You simply can not out-exercise a bad diet.



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