Sun, 1/27 Food & Exercise Log

Day started at 7:15 am
Oh man, my stomach was having some trouble this morning. I am sure it was from eating out at restaurants yesterday. The food was soooo good, and my body has not been used to that many different variety of flavors and food types in weeks, so it wasn’t ready to adjust. Thus explains why I cook most of my meals, and am careful about most things I put in my body. I’m sensitive to dairy, to sugary breads, to certain grains, to acidic vegetables, tea, fatty meats, gelatinous sauces…the list goes on. I have sensitive acid reflux, bloating, and general digestive pain, especially from eating dairy products. So I typically don’t eat cheese and I definitely don’t drink cow milk.

These are the reasons why I have to watch my diet. I am sure that my gall bladder will have to be removed if I am not careful and get a flareup with gallstones….or something.

None. Active rest day.

Bfast – 1 packet of blueberry oatmeal 160 cals
Snack – PBJ sandwich 440 cals
Snack – 1 cup of fresh fruit, blueberries, strawberries, pineapple
Lunch – Chicken Curry stir fry
5oz curry chicken from trader joes 200 cals
1 tsp olive oil 40 cals
1cup of bamboo shoots 40 cals
6 baby corn from a can 30 cals
1/4 dry basmati rice 160 cals
garlic / small amount of ginger 10 cals (I put too much in so it was very gingery)
= 480 cals

Here’s how to cook it:


Snack – 1 trader joe ciabatta bread 180 cals

Dinner – Home made chili  – my husband loves my chili! I always try to use fresh ingredients and very lean beef. As chili is not good for you anyway, and I don’t cut it short – I use brown sugar – which enhances the flavor tremendously!



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