Mon, 1/28 food & exercise log

Day started at 645 am
I drove in from Knox today so I got up early made myself a peanut utter fillip with a banana. Pretty satisfying bfast.

Did a workout in the office warehouse
Hiit session:
Tabata 20/10
8 rounds
Crab kicks / mt climbers

Bicycles / leg raises

Squat high pulls 45lbs sandbag / shoulder press

25/50/100 reps – 25 minutes

25 frog jumps
25 torso twists
25 weight calf raises
25 squat kicks
5 rings pull-ups (HARD!)

50 push-ups
50 High knees
50 surfboards
50 dead bugs
50 sit-ups
50 tricep dips
50 plank twists
50 skaters

100 jump rope
100 seal jacks
100 jukes

Bfast – peanut butter rollup with banana
Snack – 12 honey roasted almonds
Lunch – 2 fish tacos on corn tortilla, cilantro onion, salsa lime
Snack – protein water
Dinner –
4oz Curry chicken 160 cals
1/4 head of cabbage
1/2 Acorn squash
Salt, sugar, curry powder







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2 responses to “Mon, 1/28 food & exercise log

  1. stumbled upon your blog today. really really like it. hope you don’t mind me sharing some of your material? Also, feel free to share any of mine that you may like. My goal being to help others start and maintain a fitter / healthier way!

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