Tues, 1/29 food and exercise log

Day started at 8 am –
I didn’t feel that great this morning. Feel kinda glass half full…not my usual “Glass completely full” self today. Also, I feel kinda fluffy. Might have been all the cabbage I ate last night.

Extensive workouts today. Started off with a Tabata HIIT at the office/warehouse, and then went to Muscle + at the gym. I will try my best to remember everything I did.

Tabata HIIT – 18 mins – 20/10 – 8 rounds each
Cardio: Popcorn / Ground touch skates
Abs: Plank twists / Plank Patty Cakes with partner
Strength: Shoulder press / Bicep curls
Abs: 4mins of hell

Muscle +: 1 hour
30 push-ups
25 dead lifts 17.5lbs
30 leg raises
5 burpees
30 lat rows
30 seal jacks
25 Bulgarian lunge each side
25 dead bugs
30 seal jacks
30 Shoulder press
25 Torso twist
Over 100 Squats
20 jacks
30 Curls
30 Mt climbers
40 jacks
25 Reverse lunge ea Leah
12 jacks
30 tri ext
30 sec plank twists
19 jacks
Over 100 squats

On a mission to cut carbs. I did my best today without feeling too lethargic (apparently that’s what low carbs do to me) and I still pulled in over 150 carbs. GRRRRR………..
Bfast: Peanut Butter Banana Roll up – super easy, quick, and yummy breakfast/snack/dessert…that’s how good it is! AND the protein in the wrap and peanut butter prevents cravings….it’s literally a power bfast and snack! Not mention, it’s easy on my sensitive stomach.


Lunch: Kelp noodles, with fresh basil, green leaf lettuce, 4oz of shrimp, sweet chili sauce, and cucumber salad.
I make this pretty often and it’s a beautiful cold salad (except the shrimp) and VERY SIMPLE AND HEALTHY!

Here’s what it looks like:
So the kelp noodles were new and weird. First time I ever tried it, and I was very surprised how much it tasted like a vegetable. It’s crunchy! Perfect as a healthy “filler” for like a salad that’s not another veggie (but it pretty much is) perhaps to replace actual asian egg noodle crispies or croutons. It’s crunchy like a cucumber…and has no taste. So it absorbs the flavors of the dressing or whatever very well. I’d say try it since it’s appeal is filler for only 6 calories per generous serving. 🙂



An all time favorite flavoring/sauce is Sweet Chili Sauce, and you can find them at just about any grocery store these days. It’s a great asian flavor to add to salads, seafood, chicken, or stir-fry dishes, and so much more. It’s also pretty good on the health front. 2 tablespoons is 56 calories and generally enough for a small bowl of rice, chicken, and maybe some veggies. I use this all the time, when I can’t think of a sweet flavor to use. It’s not spicy at all, just very flavorful. And sometimes, if I’m using a lot of veggies or meats, then I’ll use much more of the sauce, but I don’t usually drown my dishes in it. Try it out, typically $2.99 for a decent sized bottle.



Dinner recipe: Curry chicken saute, with Miracle Noodles, spinach, basil, shitake mushrooms, korean bbq sauce and sweet chili sauce. So I like to try new things…apparently all the time. But the funny thing about trying new things is finding staples items/recipes that 1) doesn’t hurt my stomach ANY time I eat, 2) great nutritional content, so I can eat anytime without having to remember if it is unhealthy or not, and 3) easy to find/create. This was a new recipe using Miracle Noodles – something that I have never tried before. But I LOVE IT! I wrote a little more about it here.

So this is what my creation looks like – very simple, with simple ingredients: spinach, basil, shitake mushrooms, curried chicken and miracle noodles with a little korean bbq sauce. Try it! So good!



Dessert: Arctic Zone Ice Cream with half cup serving. About 37.5 calories. New one for me! I have a bad habit of eating A LOT of ice cream, so this is definitely a way for me to indulge without the extra carbs and bad stuff! Try it out! Not cheap – but you can find these are health food stores, and probably regular ones too.


Carbs are really hard to reduce unless you eat only protein and fats (which I typically eat only 4 to 5 oz of meat for lunch or dinner and it’s hard to get much fat from meat that way). But if you look at my log below, I consumed 149 carbs while TRYING to reduce my carb intake. It’s incredibly hard to eat less carbs unless you want to cut out most foods. Not to mention, low carb diets make me sleepy, because the sugar is what gives us a boost of energy.





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4 responses to “Tues, 1/29 food and exercise log

  1. how to do patty cake plank…how to set up?

    • Vantha

      You have a partner plank in front of you then for 20 seconds high five each other as much and as fast. It helps withs core stability and after 4 rounds it gets really rough on your shoulders. Just make sure your core is tight and your shoulders will get really strong after a few more times of doing different plank moves. Hope that helps!

      • Thanks. Gonna try it. Have never heard of this one before. So, basically you’ll be planking on one shoulder? Gonna be tough!

      • Vantha

        Yes ever other high five. So it’s great for your stabilizers in your shoulders. Tell me how it feels after you do it for 4 rounds 20/10. That’s 2 mins long. Good luck!

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