Wed, 1/30 F&E Log – Miracle Noodles and tomorrow is the end of the first 30 day challenge of 2013! Woohoo!

Day started at 7:15 am

Short workout today. My husband came in to town so I wanted to cut my workouts short and spend some extra time with him. But it was still a HARD 8 minute workout! You don’t need an hour on the treadmill to torch calories and tone up. These HIIT sessions are adequate for to get your heart rate up and see results.

Tabata HIIT
8 rounds of each
Cardio: Surfboards / High Knees
Core: Plank with knee kicks / Jukes
Strength: Tricep Dips / Tricep Extensions (WOW! MY TRICEPS ARE SORE!)
Stability: Superman / Bananas

: I started this morning with a beautiful 2 egg omelet with onions and spinach. Super easy and super good and filling.

Snack: As I ran out the door I made a peanut butter rollup and threw some blue berries and strawberries in it.

Lunch: I went and ate with my office at this place called Canteen. I had a roast beef salad with blue cheese crumbles, arugula/spinach, grape tomatoes and a maple balsamic vinaigrette dressing. Very tasty, but I was not satiated unfortunately.

Snack: So I got back to the office and had a banana with PB2 peanut butter powder with some cocoa powder and splenda mixed in. Great snack! And I was totally satiated after that.

Dinner: Shrimp salad with basil, lettuce, cucumber, Miracle Noodles & sweet chili sauce
I also made a half cup of chili that my husband brought home. I was not hungry for it, but it sure tasted good!

So I make this often because it’s a great very low to zero carb shrimp salad with green leafy lettuce, basil, cucumber, miracle noodles and sweet chili sauce. I used to use regular rice noodles, but in my mission to reduce carbs, I found this thing called Miracle Noodles also known as Shiratki Noodles that’s been popularly consumed in Japan for thousands of years. Supposedly its been a replacement for rice noodles as a way to cut calories and feel satiated after a meal. I think the best part about this product is the expansion in your stomach so it makes you feel like you’ve eaten something, not to mention, if you’re really hungry you can eat as much of it as you want. Try it out – about $3.49 a pack (about 2 servings – except I eat the whole thing myself, cause it’s soo good and I can almost gorge on it!)



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