The first 30 days, completed!

It feels weird. But I am excited to say that I’ve stuck with something for 30 days. I actually started on the 5th, due to my traveling, I wanted to start when I was able to prep meals and workout on a normal basis.

So far, I am very proud of the accomplishments that I’ve made. It has not been easy these past few weeks. I did have a few moments of weakness, and they were trying moments. I did give in to candy a few times, I did skip a workout when my muscles felt too sore, I did eat at restaurants where I couldn’t control what was put in it or the nutritional content, I did eat ice cream (4 times), I did eat over 2000 calories (a few times), and I did beat myself up for it.

But I can’t succeed without failing. Sides, knowing and experiencing the difficult times is what makes this journey so much more worth it.

I spent pretty much all of 2012 trying to see if I could get in the habit of working out regularly, educate myself on how to exercise, what exercises were right for me, and how hard I can push myself. Overall, I succeeded. I even forced myself to learn how to swim and run, so I did a 10k in March, an 8k in July, a sprint triathlon on Labor Day, a half-marathon relay at the end of September, then a Tough Mudder in October. Every single time I had to run those races, I thought to myself, “Why the heck did I subject myself to this??” Because it is always painful and hard and extremely difficult while I’m doing it, but after I’m done, I can add it to my list of accomplishments, and in the end, those miserable moments are the affirmations of this journey I’m on.

I’m a firm believer, that if you don’t write it down or draw it out – the plan & progress – then you have no idea where you are, or where you are supposed to be going. Change requires more than an epiphany, or desire. It requires balls, really big ones to MOTIVATE you to get off the couch. But what happens after you “Get Motivated”?

When I was finally motivated to go to the gym regularly, I didn’t have anyone to tell me how to exercise, or what I should do, and what each machine did, or even how to use it . So each day I’d go in feeling like I was trespassing into this “cool club” that I paid for but was uninvited. I didn’t know anyone, and so I always went for the safe machine – the treadmill. So like a bunch of others that go to the gym, I did the hamster wheel for 20 minutes at 3.5 mph and left. And that was my workout.

So that was depressing…  I just didn’t have a plan. But most importantly, I didn’t know how to plan.


One day, my friend talked me into trying out an abs class at 7:30pm. Nervous at the time, but didn’t want to appear that way, I said “yep, sure” very quickly.

I recognize this moment as the catalyst for the accomplishments in 2012. Since then, I’ve loved group fitness classes because they simply are “personal training in a group setting”. I learned all kinds of new exercises, why they are important, and how the smallest and most simple exercises can do a lot especially if you are tight on space and time. And best part – I got pretty lean!

So for 2013 – I want to continue my journey and focus in the kitchen. I’m proud of my accomplishments and failures this past 30 days. I’ve learned so much about food, calories, nutrition content, and the most important thing – I can not make anyone accountable for me. Food is a social thing, and if we constantly eat without knowing what we are eating, we will continue that vicious cycle of “I workout all the time, I just don’t understand why I can’t lose any weight.”

In an effort to celebrate the first 30 days of 2013, here are my accomplishments:

  • I had 1 diet soda (12oz) per week since I started this plan
  • I fix most of my sugar cravings from artificial sweeteners in my coffee, flavored water, peanutbutter, almond milk,  fruit and oatmeal
  • I found out that my carb intake was in the steady weight gain range of 200+ grams per day, so I am on a mission to find ways to cut carbs
  • I have not eaten any fast food this entire month 🙂
  • I know how to eyeball cups, half cups, teaspoons, tablespoons, and more
  • I discovered zero carb Miracle Noodles
  • When I cook, I only portion out 3-5oz of meat, and double up on the fillers – veggies and zero calorie noodles
  • I am now used to eating in the morning
  • I can say NO to restaurant foods without feeling guilty about hurting my friends feelings
  • I found some FAVORITE foods!
  • I learned new recipes!
  • I drink an incredible amount more water since I stopped drinking sodas
  • My digestive system is always in check – and man that feels good!
  • Most importantly, I’m doing this for myself, and I’m setting good examples for others…so my good habits are starting be absorbed by my husband, family and friends, which is nice that this journey is social
  • I am also creating my own workout routines and involving others to join me, which makes me really happy because I never had that kind of help and support

Overall, I’m excited to see what I will accomplish the next 30 days. I hope everyone who reads this blog feels compelled to try a new workout or a new recipe.




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