Fri, 2/1 F&E Log – Top of the downward spiral

Day started at 730am
Today was the first day I consciously ate wrong and all I wanted to do was eat right. But I knew I was traveling this weekend and it was going to be hard. I’m already feeling the effects of my traditional diet, and I recognize today that I don’t like feeling this way buy stomach always hurts, my heartburn is alive and kicking and the acid in my esophagus is making eating difficult.

So my challenge for this next month is how to maintain my new diet even if the only types of food available are white breads, pastas, sodas and the like?

I will write a new post about it later.

None, active rest day.

Bfast- oat meal with fresh fruit

Lunch – small plate of half a pork schnitzel (fried pork patty) 1 broccoli piece and 2 fried potato pieces….German food – we were invited to a party

Real lunch – sushi and fresh rolls from fresh market

Dinner – Jerusalem cafe, hummus plate with tabouleh, tahini salad, baba ganoush, and we split a lamb shawarma plate with grilled veggies and rice and pita – very yummy dinner!



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