Sat, 2/2 F&E Log – Effects of being around the wrong foods

I don’t believe in cheat days. If you cant eat healthy or just want a burger, theres nothing wrong with it, but some days are just hard to follow the plan. Doesn’t mean we should go overboard.
However, traveling does make it difficult to stick to it. So far I’ve indulged in many things. I must say, I can’t wait to get back on the diet because the horrible digestion outweighs the tastiness and (used to be) happy feelings from these types of foods.

This journey is not about losing weight and deprivation of things I love. The goal is to rewire my brain to want to indulge less in unhealthy foods and get healthier by educating myself on what my body’s nutritional needs are and how maintain top performance by supplying it with the right stuff.

Today, I’ve consumed white breads, rice, pizza, gyro, steak sandwich, fried empanadas, and drank soda. Honestly I feel completely awful. Not used to these processed things for awhile now and I really feel it. Especially with the stomach acid levels. With this kind of a diet, no amount of exercise will help recover these feelings. I just have to stop eating it.

Walked several blocks in Times Square

Short 5 min HIIT
I did these exercises at 1am in my tiny NYC hotel room floor. No excuses. Sides, I ate like a mad cow. Definitely needed to offset those sewage dogs and gyros. Lol.

50 push-ups
50 bicycles
50 leg raises
30 hamstring kicks (butt) each side
25 inner thigh each side
50 tricep dips
5 elevated push-ups

Bfast – pb and whole banana (I started off good!)

Snack – banana

Lunch – pressed steak Cuban sandwich at Havana club and sweet potato fries
App: half order of 3 empanadas

Snack – sewage gyro from the street trucks (always a favorite!)
Dinner – slice of pizza from carve bakery
Breads are not in my typical diet. I prefer other forms of carbs and I’m sure this pizza is going to give me a piece of its mind. 🙂


Post-show dinner: we split a junior’s strawberry cheesecake and French onion soup


Post-post-dinner or snack: sewage steak kebab on a bun! at this point I’m overdoing it!!!!



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