Mon, 2/4 F&E log – Walked over 60 blocks today!! How to sabotage your diet…

Day started 830
Today I woke up feeling pretty fluffy. Yep, all my hard work to de-fluff is back. That’s how fast a diet can be sabotaged. I have felt sleepy during the middle of the day, my heart beats harder for no reason, more lethargic than normal, and crave all the bad foods – typical symptoms of a bad diet.

So, lesson learned. Even if I have to be difficult when ordering food, I just can’t sabotage myself like I did this weekend. I know why I did it. I did it completely in full consciousness. But I must say, it’s not as worth it as I used to believe and remember.

You just can’t out-exercise a BAD DIET.

30 push-ups
50 bicycle abs
50 leg raises
10 on each side Hamstring kicks
Side planks

Bfast – 1 scoop protein powder and 1 high fiber tortilla with 1 tbsp of peanut butter

Brunch – Artopolis Crepes- half an order of Nutella crepe with strawberries, bananas and chocolate syrup drizzle, with a little bit of whipped cream
1 cup of potato hash browns

Lunch – Big Nicks pizza and burgers –
Slice of nicks special pizza
Kofte gyro burger patty in a pita
Half slice of strawberry cheesecake
2 bites of a black and white cookie

Dinner – qdoba naked burrito, rice lettuce mild salsa corn salsa and more lettuce

Oh my! I needed this soooo bad! All I want is veggies and more veggies! I miss my new diet and how it made me feel everyday! I’m learning about paleo diets and how it helps people with food allergies and chronic diseases. I will write in further detail about it soon.






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