I PR’d my chest flys!

I am going to make this short story long. Last night I was doing machine chest flys for the first time of 2013 and the last time I remember being able to do a set of those with no more than 40lbs and probably 8 reps. 1 set. And I do not like machines because they reduce stabilization or stabilizer muscles which really needs to be worked on.

After all of these HIIT workouts these past several weeks and home workouts and usually push-ups are all I do for chest, I can’t believe I was able to push out 120lbs for chest flys!

I felt since I’ve only been doing body weight that there was NO WAY I could increase my weights on this machine! I felt stronger from these workouts but I was sure I’ve gotten weaker because I haven’t increased weights anywhere in my workouts.

But I’m so proud because that means all of those body weight workouts: push-ups, pull-ups, core strengtheners all paid off!

One of my vanity goals is to have a strong back with defined muscles. I’m hopeful that if I keep it up, they will finally show!



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