Wed, 2/6 F&E Log – Paleo Day 2

Day started at 730am – woohoo, back on track! I love my regular schedule – 8 hours of sleep and active energy the whole day!

Jumped out of bed excited to cook! I used my leftovers and made a pretty awesome breakfast! I believe I must be overheating veggies because I feel so incredibly full each time or must be the satiety effect of eating mostly veggies! Anywho, so far cutting out grains and dairy is perfectly fine for me.


HIIT session at the office: short and sweet about 12 minutes


Bfast – Leftover Green Cauliflower Rice + Leftover Marinated Chicken + Added sauteed Spinach and onion + 2 Eggs Sunny Side Up (Beautiful and delicious!)





Snack: Sweet Potato Chips

Lunch: Babylon’s Middle Eastern Grill – Beef Kabob Steak Grill Plate with Onions, Cucumbers, Tabouleh, Tomatoes, Pickle and Marinated Steak Cubes (Super Yummy!!!) Oh, I also had a little bit of the Naan and Hummus



Snack: 1 scoop powder and water

Dinner: Paleo Spaghetti Meatball Bites + Mushrooms (Super yummy and fun to make! I highly recommend this recipe that I found on It yielded 18 cups but I could only eat 4 and was STUFFED!









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