[Me: I’ve been craving muffins! So I found this incredible recipe without grains (using almond and coconut flour) so I’m excited to try it out!]

The Balanced Appetite

Soooo…. I’ve never really been a huge fan of blueberries.


They’re just not sweet enough for this girl.  Unless of course they’re baked with tons of sugar and stuffed into a muffin.  Then I am so down with blueberries.  Same with rhubarb and raspberries.  Add a bit (or a lot) of sugar to them and I’ll devour them!


Remember when I said I was conquering my sugar addiction? Ha! Sorry friends, still craving it daily.  That’s kind of how these muffins came about.  I couldn’t get those damn chocolate costco muffins out of my head! Then I saw blueberries at the store… and all of a sudden I just had to have a blueberry muffin.


A real blueberry muffin, not a mushy, bland, “healthy” muffin.  I wanted a muffin with texture and flavor, no gluten or other grains, low in sugar, and some actual nutrients.  Asking too much?

Nope!!!! These are…

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