Thurs, 2/7 – Seeing results, Feeling great, and Paleo Day 3

Day started at 715am

Another good day! I woke up this morning excited to cook my left overs from lunch yesterday for breakfast. I’m also excited to eat this food! I feel so liberated to find recipes that doesn’t call for bread cheese milk and the like. It was always hard to follow recipes on past meal plans because I just didn’t want to make complicated 20 ingredient meals and 2 hour preps otherwise it would be bland and boring. Anyway, I’m enjoying cooking again and I noticed today that I’m not squirming for nibbles all day long. My appetite was sustaining for once and I didn’t have sugar cravings as bad as when I was on the other meal plans/diets.

Ah…good food. I don’t even miss rice as much as I expected. This type of food makes me feel satiated and I don’t feel incredibly hungry every 5 minutes. So far so good!

I’m starting to notice definition in my abs! First time ever! I’m definitely starting to see physical changes and it has been over 4 weeks which it usually takes about that much time before I’m supposed to notice. I think this next 30 days will be defining when I check in. It’s only day 7 and I’m excited!

Muscle + 1 hour session


I like my workouts written so I can read them and log them. Not to mention that is how we learn what we are doing. I wish more fitness classes would do that.

Bfast – leftover cubed steak from yesterday’s lunch + leftover green cauli rice + butternut squash pasta sauce


Lunch – leftover spaghetti squash meatball bites 4 pcs


Snack – banana

Dinnercilantro chicken with sweet chili sauce + grilled Porto steak shrooms and asparagus



Amazing chicken dish! I got the recipe from The flavor was incredible and I didn’t add much salt or sugar. Perfectly cooked to perfection! I don’t think this recipe could have been easier. Try it!!



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