Fri, 2/8 – oh no, the weekend…

I’m always afraid of the weekend. It’s she I tip and cave in to social temptations because its supposed to be fancy-free sleep in late be lazy weekend.

Today I did my usual – wake up early, fix my Paleo breakfast and did my workout at the end of the day…then I went out with friends… I was so afraid that I wasn’t going to be able to eat any of the stuff at the pizza restaurant that I showed up late because I wanted to cook my Paleo dinner first. Definitely a good and smart decision. Ate it and was on my way in. Then everyone was drinking. I also did not participate. So I was sober all night which was fine. I didn’t mind it. But the night grew long and I was weary. It was late and I’m off my schedule. Way past my bedtime. I got through today but weekends are really hard to keep up with the plan.

HIIT at the warehouse
20/10 – 3 rounds
Tricep shoulder taps
Wall balls
Double high knees
Sumo high pulls

20/10 -3 rounds
Elevated push-up with clap
Weighted arm twists
Suicide planks

4 min abs

Bfast – chicken, spinach, onions, mushrooms, 2 eggs omelet





Lunch – salad from mellow mushroom
Lettuce, mushroom, steak, spinach


Snack – 2 skinny cow ice cream sandwiches

Dinner – chicken stir fry with spinach onion

Late night dinner – mid city grill Lil Mo Big Daddy burger with no bun, only lettuce tomato grilled mushroom avocado and friend egg


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