Mon, 2/11 – Back on Paleo Day 6

Today was rough. I was struggling to recover from Chinese New Year toxicity and really feel the lump in my belly from all of the starchy noodles and rice. Tasty, but sure is doing a number on my stomach.

That kind of eating really is only for special occasions. I used to eat like that every day. Really salty and sweet dishes complimented by cups and cups of rice, and finished off with a soda. That’s what I grew up on. Other people might have grown up on mac and cheese with spaghetti and meatballs. In some respects what I had was healthier, but not by much, and not to mention…the portion sizes. We always filled our plate up and was literally “forced” to finish it.

Glad to be back on Paleo! My stomach will forgive me for shocking it this weekend. Paleo has been pretty awesome for my sensitive food issues. It was really helping me get lean (until I ruined it this weekend) but most of all, I felt good the whole time. No tummy issues, no bathroom issues, and I just wasn’t hungry all the time. And to me, that is a blessing. I love food, and to want it all the time is the complete opposite of help when I’m trying to trim up.

But I really gotta kick the sugar habit and cravings. I only crave sugar…I’ll even fix my sugar cravings by drinking more coffee, or crystal light water sweetneners…it sucks…but I really want to kick the sugar cravings and eating Paleo has helped, but it has not eradicated it. I’ll keep it up though.

HIIT Session at the warehouse

20/10 – 8 rounds
Cardio: Tuck Jumps / Dip Squats
Cardio: Toe Taps
Strength: Kettle Bell Swings with Sand Bag / Tricep Extensions
Core: Bicycle Abs / Torso Twists

12/10 – 12 Rounds
Strength: Lawnmowers Left / Weighted Chest Flys / Lawnmowers Right

Bfast – Stir Fried Pork Chinese Five Spice with Bok Choy, garlic, onions, ginger, mushrooms and coffee with creamer and splenda
Snack – Sweet potato chips
Snack – Banana
Lunch – Leftover from breakfast
Dinner – Stir Fried flank steak pieces with french green beans, bok choy, garlic and bibigo korean bbq sauce and I also ate leftover veggie lo mein about 1 cup worth
Snack – a few cubes of cinnamon sugar acorn squash pieces
Snack – another cup of coffee with creamer and splenda


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