10 Things I learned to help me not SABOTAGE my new diet.

I travel quite a bit. Personally and professionally. I’m a routine person who can adapt well to situations. But I’ve gotten pretty good at creating routines in my travels so that not much is a surprise.

I get up at the same time each morning. I try to go to bed around the same hour each night. These routines aren’t just routines – they are proactive measures that allow me to keep control of each moment so that I don’t get blindsided by inconveniences that sabotage goals and plans.

I used to live my life by the seat of my pants and let whatever happen, happen. Didn’t prepare each day. If I was late to work, I was just late to work. That life left me broke each week, made me unreliable, and quite frankly, emotionally and physically, drained and unhappy.

Don’t allow unplanned inconveniences sabotage your dieting goals. I’m not dieting just to diet or lose weight. I’m trying new types of “diets” to see which one works for me.


What I have learned these past few weeks between my travels, is that:

1) When I need to eat, I HAVE TO EAT. And if I don’t eat, it’s going to be bad until I eat.

2) As long as I can “control” breakfast, I can “deal” with modifications to lunch or dinner.

3) Pack breakfast and snacks – even if I have to get on a 5 hour flight, I will bring bananas and packs of peanut butter. If you are a protein person, pack your powder and make sure you have enough for the length of time you are there.

4) Pack a water bottle – I consume 3 times as much water than I normally would if a water bottle was handy every time I needed a sip.

5) If I snack when I’m hungry, I can ward off manic hunger when the right food is not available. Short story – I was driving all night long trying to get some good time on the road in, next thing I knew it was 9:30pm. In small rural towns, most restaurants are closed even chain restaurants. I was so pissed off that it got so late (11:30pm!) and I got manic hungry (by this hour), that the ONLY place open was TACO HELL. I was livid that I passed exit after exit and ended up eating a disgusting (but tasty!) chalupa and nachos. Then the next day, I was bloated, gassy, had acid reflux, gall bladder trouble, and a sour stomach for probably 2 days. NEVER AGAIN.

6) Eat HUNGER SUSTAINING FOODS – like nuts, meats, eggs, etc. because they are filled with proteins that take awhile for your body to burn through. Carbs will make you hungry all day long and quite frankly, I HATE being hungry all the time because it’s a nuisance to get MANIC HUNGRY every couple of hours and NEED to feed myself. And that’s what sugar and carbs will do to you. It gives you overwhelming pleasure and satisfaction, yet it doesn’t last except in your thunder thighs, muffin top and love handles. 😉

7) Clean eats mean – No processed anything. If someone had to put it together in a pretty package, it’s probably not that clean. So when you are at the gas station and looking for a snack…head directly to the fresh fruit stand, and grab a banana.

8) Staying at a hotel with a continental breakfast? 🙂 Last hotel I stayed at, I stole 4 bananas, 6 packets of peanut butter, and 6 plastic knives.

9) Don’t put up with bad food. Just because it’s FREE doesn’t mean you have to eat it. I hate wasting good food, but if it’s not good for me, I will chuck it without hesitation.

10) You are not a DOG. So don’t “treat” yourself with food. Rewards should be complementary. For example, I got myself a day at the salon about 3 weeks into January’s 30 Day Challenge. I also buy new gym clothes for the winter season, and my husband bought me a pair of Nike FREE cross-training shoes for my birthday.


Overall, the theme is to plan your meals in some sort of fashion when traveling. I pack bananas in my suitcase. I also pack a jar of nut butter, sometimes I’ll even pack full on prepared meals in a cooler…but I’ll do anything to avoid manic hunger.


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