Tues, 2/12 – Journey Concert – Don’t Stop Believing!

Today was a whirlwind of a day. My business partner / friend got us tickets to a Journey concert in Evansville, IN – about 7 hours away – and I was ecstatic to get on the road and go see a seriously awesome band! 



To start off today, I was crunching for time, so I had a banana with peanut butter on it for breakfast – I know, against Paleo – but it was what I had to eat before I had to leave town. But, I was proactive and packed 4 bananas and an entire jar of peanut butter as a just in case. I also grabbed my water bottle.

I relied on those bananas as a source of “good clean food” in the event I’m stuck with bad choices. I didn’t get a chance to workout today so there is no update for that.

For lunch, I had a shrimp caesar salad from McCallisters. It was ok.

For dinner, I had a terrible greasy “Philly Cheese Steak Omelet” on a skillet at Denny’s. I had them modify it but I kinda wish I didn’t. It would have been just fine as an omelet. Anyway, I didn’t have good choices, but needed to eat something, and as much as I tried to eat according to the plan, it just doesn’t always work out.

Despite my poor nutritional choices, the Journey concert was fabulous!




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