Wed, 2/13 – Back home to Paleo Day 8

The journey to see Journey has ended, and I’m back home. Today was a little tough, but I hung in there and tried to not deviate as much.

Breakfast started off with a trusty banana and peanut butter and I found an apple at the continental breakfast at the hotel.

Lunch was a naked burrito from Chipotle – obviously, no rice or cheese. Super delicious!

Snack was a banana and a bag of beef jerky.

Dinner was chicken breast seared with a honey mustard yogurt sauce sauteed with mushrooms, and my side was cauliflower rice.

Pretty good for today!

I did get a great workout in.

HIIT Session
20 Minutes, as many rounds possible – I only got 2.8 in. Barely got 3. I did do a speed round and got one in under 6 minutes.

10 Reps – Strength
Weight Obliques L+R
Shoulder Press
Lawnmowers L+R
Bicep Curls
Tricep Extension

20 Reps – Core
Leg Raises
Plank Twists
Torso Twists

30 Reps – Cardio
Seal Jacks
Toe Taps
Mt. Climbers
Crab Kickers






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