Sat, 2/16 – Paleo is my new best friend & Muscle-up attempts!

Paleo is my new pal. I’m enjoying all the benefits of the caveman diet, without the usual stresses of other diets. Trying new diets for me was a way to make nutrition fit me and my lifestyle. I was never a big fan of breads…or milk…or cheese…so why was it part of my usual diet when 1) I didn’t like it enough to want to eat it, but I still made recipes that had it, 2) I always connected it to the chronic problems, and lastly, without those ingredients, cooking has been so easy!

My meals are 50/50 meat and veggies. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. I even bring a pitcher of water to the dining table, because as I am eating this delicious paleo meal, I am also consuming 2 to 3 glasses of water in one sitting. It’s like a snowball effect of good healthy eating habits. I’m eating more veggies, more lean proteins, and more water.

Other diets made me hungry all the time. I read from that “Non-starchy fresh fruits and vegetables represent the main carbohydrate source and will provide for 35-45 % of your daily calories. Almost all of these foods have low glycemic indices that are slowly digested and absorbed, and won’t spike blood sugar levels.” My husband, who is in the medical field, explained to me that the your brain can only use sugars as it primary nutrient source, so when you constantly provide your body sugars for it to use, it will never use the proteins or fat consumed thus causes you to hold onto those nutrients, turn them into fat and only burn the sugars. But when your body is used to always receiving a high level of sugars, you will feel lethargic every time your levels dip. A.K.A. sugar crashes. You still need sugars, obviously, but you can get them from fruits and vegetables instead.

Paleo diet focuses on energy sustaining nutrients like proteins and fats. You’d be surprised how much more fats you consume than other diets, however, you are still losing weight because the typical carb consumption significantly decreases. It’s incredible to see fat from parts of my body that I’ve been holding on to for pretty much all my life is starting to come off.

I can’t follow Paleo 100%. It’s just not possible, but I’d like to try it when I can. Sometimes, I need to use salt or sugar when I cook. Sometimes, I can’t avoid peanut butter. There are strict rules to Paleo, but I try my best and I’m still seeing results. I have the occasional ice cream cone, the occasional bite of a food item with bread, or some rice. But the idea for me is to try my best.

So far, I am 16 days into paleo. I have trimmed up around my belly and back, and also my tricep areas! Woohoo! I can’t wait to make my 1 year anniversary post.

On to my Muscle-Ups! Well, I haven’t been able to do one yet. But I’m working on it. I attempted several times to just get one. I even moved to different pull bars to try this seemingly easy thing.

I can’t figure out what muscles I need to strengthen to be able to do one, but I’ve been told that I need stronger back muscles, also to work on explosiveness because that’s what you need to power yourself up.

This video shows what it’s supposed to look like:

My Saturday Morning Workout

30 mins of Zumba

8 Lat raise
8 Upright row
8 Shoulder press
4 chest fly at 95lbs
10 pull-ups
10 attempts at muscle ups
5 pike push-ups
20 tricep press

8 min ab set
20/10 tabata 16 rounds
Plank shoulder slaps
Suicide planks
Top hat
Elbow to knee each side
Downward dog
Back stretch
Side plank
Other side plank
Leg raise
Elevated crunch

Bfast – 2 eggs over easy on top of a bed of sauteed onions, spinach, and garlic. super yum!

Snack – Banana and navel orange

Lunch – Cilantro Chicken with Portobello Mushroom and Spinach Sautee

Dinner – Leftover Cilantro chicken and Paleo Pancakes


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