Promises I made to myself in January :)

The “Universe of Life”….ah…I’m such a dreamer and some of the stuff I say cracks me up, but does make me feel full and excited about life. I’m inspired to live out these promises…


Somewhere in the “Universe of Life” I made promises to keep for 2013 – it was the beginning of January when I decided to move full steam ahead with this “Grand Idea” to become lean and mean in 2013, and I was not going to let anything stop me.

Well, as I look back at these promises I had made…honestly, I’ve actually stayed true to them. I haven’t eaten at any fast food places (Chipotle, QDoba, Moes do not count as they are healthy options), I’ve created new meal plans or diets and have really focused on staying on track. Paleo has been my greatest savior. Loved it so far. Traveling has been rough on diet, but not on workouts. My sugar and sweets intake has taken a huge nosedive. But I’ve certainly been rewarding myself with spa days, and new clothes! Woohoo!

Onto those Promises…

  1. I promise to avoid typical fast food as much as absolutely possible even if all my friends or husband or family or office want to eat there as a group, and I will happily sit there and spent time with them and not eat because I will not submit to pressure.
  2. I promise to not deviate from meal plans set for the week or month if I have a strong goal to accomplish. I know I will fail sometimes but if I do I will up for it in 50 bicycle crunches and 50 jump and jacks.
  3. I promise that even if I am traveling, I will still make time to do 25 pushups, 25 crunches, 25 tricep dips, 2 minutes of planks, 50 squats, and lunges.
  4. I promise that if I screwed up somewhere and forgot to log my stuff or something I will tell Racheal immediately via text and she is gonna put it in her book.
  5. I promise to avoid sugary desserts like its the plague but able to have only one item the size of a cupcake twice a month or two weeks apart.
  6. Lastly, when I accomplish a certain goal, I will reward myself with an item of value and never food. Because we are not dogs.

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