Sun, 2/17 – French Cooking Class – OMG Celery Root!

Today, I had to travel for work again, so I scheduled a French Cooking Class on the way that was a Christmas present to me from 2 Christmases ago…yeah I know, such a terrible gift receiver…but better late than never!

My business partner came with me, because he got it for me when I was starting to get into my cooking kick wayyyy backkkk whennnn…as you can see, this journey HAD to start this year. It’s 2 years overdue!

It was a gorgeous drive to the gorgeous Asheville, NC, and I had no expectations and no reservations. I just let whatever happens, happen. And it was a great experience! I totally recommend cooking classes – you learn so much, and even if it wasn’t anything new, you at least get some great tips and a great time out of it.

Here’s our menu:


Things I learned from this class:

  1. Celery root is AMAZING! What an incredible find here (if you already knew about it, just humor me :), I’m so excited to find a substitute for potatoes! I love hash browns, and the million other things you can do with potatoes, and to find a SUPER LOW CARB substitute that tastes and cooks just like potatoes is like a sign from above that I was MEANT to go to this class. On this day. At this hour. To eat this food. And discover the CELERY ROOT. I will certainly post recipes using this incredible new veggie (that’s probably not new…at all)


  1. Remoulade is “French mayonnaise”. No seriously, it is. It’s just weird, uses olive oil, and you have to add French dijon mustard to it. Tastes not so bad.
  2. Fats will not mix well if you add it too fast to the egg yolk/mustard mixture. Ghislaine, the teacher, calls it in her adorable French accent “your messed up mayonnaise”. She suggests throwing it out because it’s no good anymore. LOL.
  3. Choose fresh mussels instead of frozen ones. There’s more flavor. Also to clean them prior to cooking. Make sure to not suffocate them by putting them in a plastic bag when you buy them. Put them immediately on ice and in the fridge, and they will keep for 2 days.
  4. There’s no coffee in French Berry Tiramisu. Yea, I was disappointed when I learned that, but was NOT AT ALL disappointed with that dessert item. It was DELISH. I’m so excited to start making it at home one day! It’s SUPER easy to make…except it uses “marscapone cheese” (no-no in Paleo) and it uses sugar. Soooo….I’ll have to find a way to modify this. I might still have to use the cheese. At least husband will be able to eat it! He does not do coffee nor tea. (Good for him though!)

Overall, what a great experience. I enjoyed the location with the big windows, and simple home atmosphere. I’d be more than interested in doing something like that again. But I’d be more interested in learning to cook from nutrition-conscious cooks/chefs/classes.

Here are some photos from the cooking class, and my meals for the rest of the day.

For the record, I didn’t workout today, so no update to post there.








We had Naf Naf Grill in Chicago for dinner….uhh…super yum. Yes, a new fav in Chitown.



This was my Paleo breakfast! Yes, I still made breakfast, even though I didn’t quite have time, I still whipped it up and ate it in the car. Yes! To time management!!



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