Mon, 2/18 – My belly had a party and I wasn’t invited. :(

Today didn’t end well. Well, it just never quite ended.

I worked a retail tradeshow today, and they fed us lunch. Lunch consisted of spinach salad and chicken manicotti. I was not sure what manicotti was, assumed it was some sort of cheesy thing. But there was no meat that wasn’t covered in sauce available anyway, so I had to eat it. Remember, this meal was out of my control, unfortunately. There were other people at our table, and we all got into conversation, and the next thing I knew, my plate was completely empty. I ate everything on my plate. Hmmm….didn’t pay attention to how much I ate. I might have eaten quite a bit and didn’t realize it.

Ok, so no big deal. I feel fine. A little full, but fine.

7 hours later, I ate 2 oranges and a banana. Starting to feel like my stomach is having an acid trip.

After the show, I decided to do a very fast high intensity HIIT work out for roughly 25 minutes at the hotel. The workout kicked my ass, and I was panting like a dog. I thought maybe a workout would make me feel better…and for a short period of time, it did.

Then 3 hours after that, a total of 10 hours, I had dinner. Dinner was delicious. I had 4 ahi tuna tacos with lots of veggies…but it was on corn tortillas and the tacos were less than half the size of a small taco.

Hmm…ok, I am officially having stomach pains, and serious acid reflux. My body is telling me, “Hey, we’re going to have a party in your belly…we’ll try to not use all the fireworks but can’t promise anything.” I was getting nauseous and starting to feel weak and clammy.

Then I went to bed, and never went to sleep. I was getting sicker, and more nauseous, and the headaches were getting worse every time I tossed and turned. Then I had several vomitting episodes. Needless to say, I rolled around all night in agony.


So today was not good, but at least I got a great workout in!




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