Fri, 2/22 – Lemon sugar crepe! Sorry, not Paleo

I finally slept last night and really hard. So when I woke up this morning I felt a little groggy bc I slept for so long.

However, I did have a dinner guest this morning and the menu for breakfast was celeriac hash browns and a fried egg. Not yummy. My celery hash turned out terrible. If I can perfect it one day it would be a great dish.


For lunch, I was in a bind and was about to skip it all together until my business partner said he was gonna pick me up some chicken strips from chickfila and told me I can eat it if I want to. So I ate that. It was weird. The first fast food I’ve had in almost 2 months.

For dinner, I drove into see my husband and we went out for dinner and tomato head. I had a terrible chicken salad on a bed of lettuce and tomato. He had an ok personal pan pizza. But dessert was delicious. We had Crepes and I always go for a personal favorite, the lemon sugar crepe. I had my first one in a Chicago crepe making class and loved it so much that its preferred over the other heavier flavored ones.



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