Sat, 2/23 – Happy birthday to my wittle brother! 13 hours to kill

Aww, my little bro had a birthday which is actually a bad thing because the older he gets, the older I get! I’m approaching 30 but I promise to make these last months the best ever.

So my Saturday was gonna suck regardless because my hubs is on ER this weekend and he’s working 12 hours 8a-8p both days and I wasnt going to get to see him much. So I went back to my house and tried to knock out the following:

  • wash and clean my car
  • workout
  • get a pedicure
  • clean the house
  • create postcard artwork

Needless to say, none of those things got done. Instead I got a tan, made lunch and ate ice cream and froyo. Hmmm….

Drove back to my husbands house and felt kinda sick to my stomach so I ended up skipping dinner. Ugh I really need to shake this thing.




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