Thurs, 2/21 – Hello, have you met Vantha Stewart? She’s my other personality.

Today, I wanted to get back on my Paleo schedule, not because I’m trying to stick to a “fad diet” as some would say, but eating Paleo foods make me feel good. Yea, I’m probably not feeling like I just ate the best tasting thing ever but man, it’s so much easier on my digestive system and honestly those traditional foods are just not worth it anymore.

Ok so I started today without bfast. Just coffee. I woke up at 2am and stayed up the whole day. So I got ready and went and picked up work supplies.

Then for lunch I came home and created a familiar dish. But with my stomach still not completely settled I only ate half of it.


Skipped workouts today because I kept feeling queasy and had constant headaches.

By dinner time, I was determined to try these new Paleo dessert recipes just because it was a way for me to eat something sweet but not quite anything at all. I just wasn’t feeling great anymore.

I found this incredible recipe for Paleo Cookies – and omg, it’s amazing.

Super easy and far more delicious than a refined-sugar cookie. On like a small batch I threw in some lemon zest and it made the cookie even yummier!


I also made Paleo Blueberry Lemon Muffins that I’ve been drooling over for awhile. The recipe is super easy and tastes incredible!








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6 responses to “Thurs, 2/21 – Hello, have you met Vantha Stewart? She’s my other personality.

  1. Wow! This all looks incredible. What was your dinner dish?

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