Mon, 2/25 – “Practical Paleo” Book has arrived!


So I figure, if I’m going to do this right, I need to know everything I can about Paleolithic eating. Before Paleo, I was consuming easily 300 grams of carbs per day. If I was “seriously” trying to cut carbs, the most I was able to do was roughly 100-150 grams per day. That’s mostly because I didn’t know what foods were carb-friendly, or how to even cut typical carbs out of my diet. I didn’t realize the amount of carbohydrates were in the typical foods I ate.

I can’t out-exercise a bad diet.
It’s true. I couldn’t. I tried. Really hard. I exercised all the time, and still this ridiculous waistband gut was never going to leave this body. I had a “permanent” muffin top that would not go away. Oh and let’s not forget, permanent flab on my triceps and calf-flab (I know this is weird, but it was there. I pinched it all the time.)

My goal is fat-loss.
I worked really hard to keep my weight down, this time I’m going to focus on actual real fat loss. I want to lose fat in areas around my belly and arms, and thighs and shoulders.

Many people have had terrific results with body composition while on the Paleo diet.
Yes, and I honestly believe this is true, because I have seen dramatic fat loss just in the last month of starting this paleolithic diet. It’s a weird way to giving your body more of what it needs than what it wants. I’ve prided myself on how much more protein I’m consuming while sparingly using powders (shakes, etc.) I’m eating nutrient rich foods that are far healthier than any protein shake could be. My grocery cart is full of “whole” foods instead of boxed up, pre-packaged microwaveable junk from the freezer. I’m learning so much about cooking combinations and what items to substitute for the best nutrient-dense output. When your body burns the right nutrients more efficiently, the amount of body fat evens outs and it’ll feel like it doesn’t need to store everything you eat.

Practical Paleo by Diane Sanfilippo – a bestseller for Paleo Diets

Practical Paleo: A Customized Approach to Health and a Whole-Foods Lifestyle
I ordered this on Sunday, and surely enough, it was on my doorstep by Monday. Thanks Amazon! The best thing about this book are the beautiful photos. I’m a sucker for easy reads and pictures in books. Yea, I know that makes me sound like a 10 year old, but I’m a skimmer, and reading makes me sleepy. Where was I? Oh yea, besides the great layout of the book, I enjoyed reading about the “leaky gut” aka all of the bloating, irritation, gas, acid, sour stomach, sinus infections, and the list goes on. Even if it’s not as “scientific” as some of us would like, it gives me a different perspective on the notion that if I just cut out the problem makers, then I won’t have the problem anymore. The problem is I didn’t know what and why the problem-makers were causing those problems. Sometimes, we need that extra oooooh….to get to the ah ha!  Well, now I know…I know that the strain of foods that are the disrupters (dairy, grains, legumes) are causing a serious disruption in my belly.

Why is it so critical not to disrupt digestion? The ability to fight chronic and even acute, disease states begins in the digestive system (the gut). 60 to 80 percent of the immune system is within the gut. There is immune tissue that follows the entire length of your small intestine. You’ll learn more than you ever thought you needed to know about this in the digestion and leaky gut sections of this book. If your body constantly suffers from digestive irritation, you set the stage for suppressed immune function in all other areas. This can result in a condition as innocuous as seasonal allergies or a problem that is much more aggressive like diverticulitis, eczema, psoriasis, or a number of inflammatory and autoimmune conditions.” – Practical Paleo

So despite the nice surprise of getting this book early, I’ve started reading it and getting excited to have a new set of super easy recipes to start my Paleo journey for next month.

EXERCISE: Today I did the exact same workout I put together last Wed.

10 reps / 10 mins / 3 sets of workouts
Set a time for 3 rounds, 10 mins long, with 35 seconds between eat round and do as many rounds as you can per set. This one gets really tiring and your competing against yourself and not everyone else.

FOOD: Can’t quite remember much
Bfast: Banana peanut butter roll up
Lunch: Pad Thai (only ate half)
Dinner: Sweets – gluten-free blondie and paleo muffins, maybe some chicken breast



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