Thurs, 2/28 – Personal Day Off & The burger was soo good yesterday, we made Turkey burgers for lunch!

I took a personal day off to stay home and take care of some things, but ended up not getting much of anything done. I am a routine person who needs to have a “purpose” for the day. I like doing a million things in a day and then relaxing and enjoying my accomplishments. I’m not the type to watch tv all day, or lay around the house when there are things to do. A big part of me felt very guilty for not being a work, and it made me almost ill. My husband was home because he had to pick up the 3rd shift in the ER and I didn’t want to not see him while he was spending some time at home. Unfortunately, when he starts these 3rd shifts, he has to stay up really late the night before and sleep during the day to set his body up for the late night. Therefore, we ended taking a 2 hour nap in the middle of the day so he could rest up for the shift. Not being active from when I wake to when I sleep makes me feel very bad.

Despite the guilty feelings, we did have an incredible lunch. I made turkey burgers with my usual spices and add-ins, but I added an egg on top to add to the flavor. This was especially an important addition for me since I didn’t eat my burger with bread. So below is a picture of how my lunch turned out. You can also see in the picture after of my husband’s burger which lets you know it’s a good sandwich, when the yolk pops and gushes all over the place…. Mmmm…yum!! I did not do a workout today, so no update there, however I did clean out my fridge of the things I “used” to think were healthy…You can see lean cuisines, the veggie burgers, the lean pockets, the fat-free ice cream, the 4 half empty jars of tomato sauces, light whipped topping (someone told me this thing is one molecule from being plastic!! yikes!), and several other “processed” junk.

Ahh….I love knowing what I put in my body even if it doesn’t always agree with my body, at least I know that it was a “whole” food, and not genetically or chemically engineered or modified “food-like” substance…. doesn’t that scare you to some degree???








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2 responses to “Thurs, 2/28 – Personal Day Off & The burger was soo good yesterday, we made Turkey burgers for lunch!

  1. Nice way to spend a day 🙂

    • Vantha

      It was! I just got wrapped in feeling guilty that I didn’t realize it at the time. But I’m glad to have days where I can do that.

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