Fri, 3/1 – The 2nd 30 Days (well, 28) is completed!

Howdy! My name is Vantha, and I’m on a journey to lifelong health and fitness. Read on, if you feel so inclined to learning about me and what this is all about. Thanks!

Drum roll, please…..

Month 2 is over! I’m still here, haven’t lost it or gotten pushed off the bandwagon. I’ve learned so much in the past 2 months about nutrition, my body and how it reacts to certain foods, how to deal with stress and realizing when I use food as a way to relieve the stress (this is bad, but we all do it), and recognizing (and embracing) when I get slightly obsessed with things so that I stay focused on my goals.

The plan is all about “trying new things” to ultimately “develop the personal health blueprint”. I’ve went 29 years of my life not understanding what I eat, and why it makes me feel the way it does, and refusing to spend the “effort” to actually LEARN and STOP the revolving rat race of eating poorly and paying for it. These past two months have been quite enlightening.

My accomplishments for this month:

  • I’ve learned to manage meals “in my control” and meals “out of my control”. For meals in my control, I simply choose to cook my own foods following the Paleo Diet format every time. I generally try to make additional or extra leftovers with plans to eat it for breakfast and lunch. For meals out of my control (friend’s house for dinner, special occasion restaurant, family dinner, etc.), I try to remember what foods do what, and what items I can tolerate. Then decide whether or not I am willing to pay for it. Sometimes, it’s nice to remember the stuff I’ve given up for awhile now tasted like. I miss them sometimes, like bread, rice, and potatoes.
  • I’ve learned to make Paleo sweets. This helps my insatiable sweet tooth. I just recently learned how to make Paleo Ice Cream, so I’m excited to share that! Paleo desserts are not much healthier calorie wise, but the content of the sweets: no gluten, no chemical engineered stuff, no refined sugars or salts, and real and whole food taste enhancers like lemon, coconut flakes, cocoa powder, etc. – those are the contents of Paleo sweets….real food.
  • Going 4 days without a workout stresses me out but I have to know when to quit. I’ve been sick the second half of the month, and slowly getting workouts in every few days, but each time I try to do a real workout, I seem to fall back into being sick, thus never truly healing. Signs my body is telling me, “slow the heck down”. The time in between each workout makes me realize how lethargic I can become, and mostly importantly how it affects my mood. I feel foggier, and somewhat less excited about everything in general. A workout is more than just fitness for the body, it’s fitness for the mind and the relentless desire to be my best all the time.
  • Slowly but surely I am decreasing my intake on artificial sugars and sweeteners. My friend was a catalyst in helping deter me from using artificial sweeteners. Although I hardly consume it much anyways, usually a couple packs for coffee in the morning and the occasional diet coke, she enlightened me on its affects and dependencies, the acidity level of the substance, and how it is processed in the body. Besides the science behind it, I’m more interested in focusing on consuming real whole foods and keeping chemicals out of my body.
  • It’s OK to be obsessed with things that make me happy. I’ve been really obsessed with cooking and researching the Paleo diet. I’ve found it to be a little bit overboard at times, but I like to think of it more as an in depth research paper. It’s helping me develop my personal health blueprint, and teaching me skills that I can use later in life.
  • My previous accomplishments? Yea, I’m still hanging on to them! Yay! Hardly any sodas, most of the time on weekends, fast food is limited, last month I was able to avoid it altogether, this month, I’ve had 1 order of chicken strips from Chickfila. I’m still measuring, still drinking more water than before, eat most mornings, and generally, I’m still discovering new foods. I must say since the discovery of paleo desserts, I may have indulged in more sweets than the previous month. 🙂
  • Life can pass me by very quickly. I know that being too fixed on the small things will never allow me to fully grasp the big picture of this thing, but sometimes a little focus goes a long way. That’s why we wake up to a new day everyday. Each day a new focus and another chance to reflect. 🙂

So far I’m enjoying March’s challenges. Not sure exactly what they are yet, but I’ve signed up for my first race of the year, Cooper Bridge River Run in Charleston on April 6th. I’m going to start beefing up my running skills here soon, by the way, have I ever mentioned how much I DESPISE running? Ok, I’ll leave that for another post.

Life’s an adventure and I plan to live.


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