Mon, 3/25 – Oh Spring? Where did you go?

Spring time! I miss you!

What the heck happened this year? There’s literally a blizzard outside right now. Spring came out for a couple of days and decided to recoil. Last I checked, spring sprung 4 days ago! Regardless, I can’t wait til the weather gets warmer so I can do more stuff outside. One of my favorite things to do that I did last year was to find a nice patch of grass preferably near water and stretch out, do some yoga or some basic exercises and enjoying being in the company of nature and her friends. Can’t wait to start that up again. 🙂

Last spring, we had Easter Games – basically a “Field Day” for big kids (bunch of 30 year olds…lol) but this year, I’m afraid to throw Easter Games on Easter because we need to be outside doing crazy stuff, and with the weather being all icky and temperamental, I must wait til winter decides to call it a year.

By the way, I am a pro at bobbing for apples….

To pick back up posting and updating my whereabouts and workouts and food logs and so forth….I must admit, I DID workout and I DID eat good-for-me foods, however, I slacked more on the updating side rather than the choosing-unhealthy-food-and-not-exercising side…WHEW! That’s a really long fragmented sentence! Forgive me, it’s really late right now, and I just wanted to be good and make an update, REGARDLESS of how tired I am. 🙂

Alright, March was not as good as the other 2 months. It was tough, and it I did not feel as COMPELLED to resist the sweets and “restaurant” food. However, I can still go back to my healthy diet with no problem, because I didn’t eat the junk because I “relapsed” or something weird….I just forgot how it all tasted because I hadn’t had it for 2 months. Eating that stuff is PAINFUL to say the least. I’m glad I have a fall-back to Paleo when it comes to food…allows me to feel like I have somewhere to go when the acid and gas gets too much to handle. I don’t have to feel like I have to starve just to be able to deal with the pain.

Ok, so here are my adventures from the past 3 weeks….I will try my best to make them as entertaining in as few sentences and pictures as possible 🙂

  • Red Rock Canyons, Las Vegas, NV – Hiked “Calico Tanks” trail – scrambled to get an incredible view of LV. AMAZING HIKE! Highly recommend 😉 
  • Red Rock Canyons – Hiked “Ice Box Canyon” trail – a seasonal waterfall trail that led to the waterfall, but it was out of season so just a trickling…but there were some pools.
  • Chuckey, TN – Hiked “Marguerite Falls” – nice upwards hike along a waterfall trail up to the waterfall – very beautiful hike.
  • Cherokee Nat’l Forest, Gatlinburg, TN – Drove up to some overlook and saw everything covered in new freshy freshy pow pow. Beautiful scenic drive. Too bad it was so cold, didn’t get a chance to hike anything.

As for workouts – some accomplishments are:

  • I practiced swimming again and was able to swim a half mile and did it in the average time of 30 minutes. I just learned how to lap swim last May – so this is a MAJOR accomplishment for me….I usually just panic in the water until I get out. 
  • To make sure it wasn’t a fluke that I swam a half mile, I did it again 2 days later. So it’s been confirmed, I can ACTUALLY swim a half mile. 🙂
  • I have a strong core. I know this because my ab workouts are so easy. I feel like I can do crunches, bikes, etc all day long. Also planks too. Also, I can do pushups far better and longer than most women.
  • I did a 300 workout – 300 pushups, 300 squats, and 300 crunches – I only got to 100 of each, but did it in 6.5 minutes. Not too bad. But it wasn’t enough at 100…so I’ll definitely attempt it again.
  •  I can get right back into intense internal training without a problem even if I have not actually done it in a week. Muscle memory sure plays a big part. But my heart can feel the burn though….

I guess I can smile again. My struggles and demotivationals were expressed, and sometimes just stating my position or “admitting” my faults helps clear my head and refocuses me towards my goal.  I am hopefully back to normal again.

Today’s log:


  • No breakfast except coffee
  • Lunch – Chicken and Cabbage soup – 2 drumsticks for the meat portion, lots of cabbage, and rice (yes, this is an asian dish and it wouldn’t been right without rice)
  • Dinner – same thing, with less rice, less cabbage, and 1 drumstick. 

So not much to eat today…I also had a fiery acid stomach today…not sure from what…perhaps the spices I used in the soup. It was vegetable broth, chicken bouillon, fish sauce, garlic and sugar….not much to the soup at all.


  • Jump and Jacks to Tubthumping by Chumbawamba – about 4 mins long, drop to the floor everytime they sing “I Get Knocked Down”, then get back up again….great for cardio – got my heart burning…
  • Tabata – 8 rounds – 20 work 10 off – pushups, then dips
  • Tabata 12 rounds – 20 work 10 off – kickboxing kick, then upright knee to elbow (switch sides after rounds)
  • Tabata – 10 rounds – 20 work 10 off – bike abs, upright torso twist, top hat abs, dead bug abs, upright torso twist, then repeat

I forgot to have a protein drink so I’ll probably be sore the next day. Guess I should get my beauty sleep now. I’ve been worried about getting wrinkles (is this my way to defying the inevitability of approaching my 30’s?) so I’ve been really trying to take care of my skin…using glycolic cleansers, microdermabrasion facials, moisturizing, eye creams, pore refiners, and the whole nine yards. So each day, I’m taking my makeup off, going through the regimen….I hope I see some results…my face just feels tight every day now, but the “intense” moisturizers help a lot. I’ve also been splurging on “smell good stuff” like scented shower gels, lotions, perfumes, hand soaps, body soaps, fragrant lip glosses… It feels really nice to feel pretty and smell good. I’m sure the people around me would appreciate it if don’t stink or look like I just rolled out of bed…and I’m telling you, this girl does not look good rolled out of bed.

Some of my favorites…

Ok, off to slumber land.




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