The mountains are calling – I must go.

God will never put more on me than I can handle. I know this because no matter sad I become or how much my heart aches on Thursdays and Saturdays, I always survive and come out of it stronger and more appreciative of the love he’s given me.

Lately, I have been very lucky to have experienced growth through him. I’ve become a better person to myself, my husband, my family and ones who very dear to me. I’ve spent less days worrying about things I can not control and focusing on my priorities which in the past I regretfully admit was not in the right order.

Part of this journey is understanding my role in people’s lives. We’re not all here to just be passer-bys…we are all connected and intertwined in aspects beyond our control. For example, my actions affect a big ripple of people, and if I don’t consider everyone when I decide to do certain things, consequences outside my control will occur and that is a lot of pressure on one person. Always be honest with yourself and forgive yourself for all the wrong things you’ve done. No matter how hard it is, change starts with you.

As of late, my focus has been on renewing me. I am thankful that God is holding my hand and guiding me in the right direction and that the path he has paved for me is the truest path.

We all make mistakes and in hindsight it was the right thing to do, but our choices define who we are. Never do anything that hurts others in any way.

The mountains are calling – I must go.



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