Halfway through April! Savoring life’s joys, one small thing at a time…

Today I’m headed to New Orleans! Husband is presenting at a conference and I’m tagging along for the ride. It was hard to want to leave work for a week but sacrifices have to made for the right relationships. Sides, I don’t want him to drive alone.

The past week has been interesting and I am savoring all the small joys God has left on my doorstep lately. Last Sunday, I went to check on all of my new plants that I put in the ground last fall and noticed them all starting to bud and the bulbs are fully grown and the shady plants have popped out of the ground. The newly seeded lawn was growing like weeds and all of my flowering perennials were in full bloom. That day I researched more ways to make the blooms bigger and the foliage greener and finished with a watering and fertilizing plan. I don’t have a green thumb unfortunately so seeing my hard work pay off made me feel so proud and accomplished.

A couple of days later I attended a group crochet session at a friends church and had a great time. It was nice to learn some new tricks with crochet. I learned a couple of stitches and have used the same ones for about 15 years now so it was a delightful evening.

Then the next night I had a lovely dinner with a couple of friends at this nice restaurant in town but the blessing wasn’t the dinner it was the neighborhood walk through our local college campus that made it so wonderful. We walked through several courtyards and all things that I have never seen before.

Next night I shopped for a birthday party. My main goal was to find kites. After 4 stores I almost have up on it because the places I would assume would have it had moved on to the next season of items. So after my original plans were seemingly ruined I decided to give up on it and figure out a new plan. I ordered some photographs at Walgreens and after I made it there to pickup then I out of the blue asked the photo guy if they happened to have kites and surprisingly said, well if we do they would be in a certain spot and surely enough they were. And I bought all they had.

On Friday, we had the birthday party and part of it was going to a park and we flew kites, played in the grass, and just had an overall great time. I was very thankful for the wonderful weather that came around after a big storm the night before. It was perfect.

So today I’m headed to New Orleans. I’m thankful that I’m getting to spend some quality time with my husband and getting another chance to eat beignets and oysters on the half shell once again. Nothing is taken for granted and the things I love and appreciate still make me very happy.






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