Mon, 4/15 – 30 Min Hiit in my hotel gym – Total Body in half an hour – No excuses!

Hey! I haven’t posted my hiit workouts in awhile! It’s not that I haven’t been doing them, just that I’ve been a bit lazy and writing out long detailed workouts was taking too much time, but I noticed that I a remember what I did more when I focus on writing them down. So here goes today’s workout. 

I am in New Orleans today and for the next week – but traveling is no excuse to not put in some heart-pumping sweat action into my day, especially as I gorge on beignets and oysters every evening.  😀  Today I ALMOST got on the dreadmill (my safe exercise when I feel like I’m too afraid to look cool doing a real workout :P, judge me if you will, but I have weak vulnerable moments too). Instead, I grabbed a mat, got my BUTTOCKS on the floor and pushed out 100 pushups, 100 bicycle crunches, 100 prisoner squats – YEAH BABY! I got that in, in less than 7 minutes! It’s amazing how accomplishing something so small gives you a big high, and makes it soooo easy to start the next round.

Then I moved onto 50 chest flys laying down on the ball with 30lbs (2-15’s) alternating with with shoulder presses. 

Then I hopped on the mat and got in 50 top-hat abs, flipped over for 1 minute planks, then 25 side plank with knee to elbows per side. 

Then I got on all fours, and did 25 per side glute kicks with inner thigh work. Then I got on my side, and crossed my upper leg over, and lifted the leg on the mat working the inner thigh some more – an additional 25 per side. Then hopped up and did 50 plie squats for more work on the inner thigh. Can you tell I was starting to feel the flab on my inner’s and decided to kick them out??!?!?  😀 Yes, I work out whatever feels flabby and under worked. 

I didn’t forget my arms – I did 50 tricep kicks in 2 sets with 10lb weights. 

I never feel like I get enough abs in until my abs are in sheer contracting pain – so I put another 2 more exercises in – torso twists – 50 of them, and 25 per side with 20lb weights for side crunches. Still didn’t feel that sheer contracting pain. But I had to move on, since I KNOW I have done quite a bit of abs.

Last but not least, CALF work! No one ever remembers these, but your calves are muscles too! I did calf raises with 40lbs of weights, and pushed out 50 of them. 

I’m not beyond the 12-12-12. I just like to do a lot more than 12 when I can and if my body can handle it, however, I still usually get that 36 in if not more. 

I’m proud of the work out today! My husband went and ran 6.4 miles around the French Quarter and got a nice sun-burn on his forehead…bless his heart. He is training for his 2nd marathon in 2 weeks! So proud of him and all of his accomplishments and endurance! He’s working so hard on it, and is seeing the results and rewards of serious training. 



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