Wed, 4/24 – Fitness is hard

It’s not easy. It shouldn’t be. Fitness like any successful career or anything else should be attainable but challenging.

Life is a balancing act.
Someone once told me that they always feel like they’re an acrobat spinning several plates and if not enough attention is paid to each plate, one of them are going to fall and may collapse the rest of them.

I’m sure many of us feel this way too sometimes. Especially working Moms trying to be there for everything. My thoughts on this is to be proactive and set as many things on auto so you can allow time to react to situations outside of your immediate control.

Fitness has to be set on auto. Managing fitness into your schedule is really tough when fitness involves more than just exercise. It involves eating clean, yearly physicals, mental checks, personal/mental happiness, and many other things. Your health should be the most important thing to you. You’ve only got one body, so take care of it and be that 75 year old who still runs marathons and plays tennis.

I balance my life to include time with friends, kinda like regular dinners and get togethers, quality family time, quality me-time (so important!) and quality time with my dog. I incorporate fitness into all those quality relationships. I encourage my friends, family and random people i hang out with to eat cleaner by suggesting restaurants that provide healthier options and dropping pieces of knowledge about healthy eating. I also encourage them to go on hikes, play a game of ultimate frisbee, or just do anything active and outside. I don’t enjoy shopping, movies or pedis nearly as much!

Fitness is a frame of mind that involves physical and mental health. Of course it’s hard. Beach bodies aren’t easy to attain or maintain but if your foundation for healthy living starts with eating clean and incorporating physical activity in everyday, then it becomes automatic and a habit in your daily life.

I heard it takes about 4 weeks to make fitness a habit. So when you start to crash and burn on those diets, consider if you are creating a foundation or just skimming the surface. If you are laying that base then keep going – the results will be worth waiting for.


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