It’s been awhile…falling off the horse teaches me a few lessons…

Ok, I’ll admit it.  I totally fell off the horse. In fact, it trampled me over and kicked me a few times.

Well, let me catch you up on a few things in the past couple of months, and I’ll do it in my bulleted list style:

  • My laptop died on me and I went without one for 2 months! Just got this new one about a week ago and still trying to get used to Windows 8…so far…I’m lost. I use windows 7 at work, and I love it sooo much more! Maybe I am clinging onto the past, but the past is comfortable, and I work SUPER FAST with it…on the other hand with this new age swipey weird thing, I feel like my Dad learning how to use an iPad for the first time. So there. That’s why I haven’t posted for awhile…poor excuse, I know.
  • The past few months have been rough on me, emotionally… Sooooo….another poor excuse for why I have not been sticking to my paleo diet, or a better diet in general. I really miss my calorie counting, weighing food, writing recipes, creating new recipes, etc. I found my stash of recipes that I used to post about and I began to make the Chicken Hash…and man, it’s a great recipe! Anyway, emotional instability obviously affects everyone differently. I tend to not eat as much, and I tend to not care about much of the things I loved. So for awhile there, I dilly-dallied, I didn’t work out on a normal basis, I allowed myself to eat ice cream whenever I wanted, and ::whisper:: I ate fast food….
  • In the past 2 months, husband and I started renovations to our back yard…and you would not believe that it took 2 months to finish and still not even finished yet. That project CONSUMED EVERY WAKING MOMENT. I had to call contractors every day to get them to come to work, come fix stuff they screwed up on, hurry up finish one project so they can start the other, yadda yadda yadda. Here’s a list of the overhaul: New deck, new fence, new paver patio/walkways, new gutter, new garage door install, new drywall in the garage, new lights, new basement door, new electricity to the garage, new grass, and last but not least, my neighbors tried to sue me for taking down “their” fence, which turned out to not be the case…instead I got completely berated and belittled for no reason. Shmuck-bags.
  • Ok, so I did workout, but without a proper diet in place, what happens to the gut? It never goes away no matter how many reverse crunches I do!
  • I’ve lost a good chunk of the strength I’ve built the beginning of the year. 😦 boooooooo…..that was my strong suit. I’ll get it back.
  • I’ve lost all desire to do well at races. I did 2 so far this year, #1, I walked the damn thing…soaked in the sights and the view from Cooper Bridge was AH-MAH-ZING! So, no real regret there. #2 I ate like a freakin’ horse 2 hours before the race, my stomach cramped up to a whole new level and my inards tried so hard to force a regurg…but I said, “no! noooo! no!” and walked my sorry butt to the finish line and gave up. BOO-FREAKIN-HOO! Yep, I felt like a sorry loser that night. I didn’t get a medal, and I LOVE getting medals for finishing!
  • I love HIIT WORKOUTS even more now than ever! It’s my only desired workout sesh’s…..but I’ll do other stuff like yoga, cycle, zumba if someone invites me to do it with them. I love the training I do at my office’s “Gym”. It’s like a little crossfit box. Obviously without the right equipment. My biz partner and I love to create new workouts, then do them over and over until we really can knock it out in less time, and see our improvements.
  • I swam quite a bit for awhile…I have been able to go almost a mile…30 laps in a 25meter pool. Which is excellent for me, since I’m a poor swimmer and I just learned how to swim.
  • I’ve still maintained my “visible” abs. I’ll post a pic of me from January. Yes, now I feel comfortable posting these ridiculous pictures. I guess I just don’t care any more and this blog serves as a place for me to track my progress…so why not start with the first pic I took of myself in gym clothes flexing me ablets out? 😛
  • Falling off the best diet I’ve ever had has been the worst of it all. I truly enjoyed my cooking and eating routine every night. I loved getting home from a work out and making enough food to last me for 2 or 3 meals and eating on that because I know what’s in it and I know how many calories I consumed. I LOVED PREPPING MEALS! It’s like this pain in the ass work with a great feeling of accomplishment at the end. The best part of it when I was doing it often, was that I had a friend to always come over and help me eat healthy meals. She’s kind of a health nut herself, and doesn’t eat much, but always eats healthy. I needed that encouragement and the banter over healthy veggies and best ways to cook them was like holy crap, I found my cooking soul mate! Now, because I logged that stuff, I have a starting point to get back into it. I’m excited, and now I can eat out on my back deck and grill out if I wanted too! And have breakfast outdoors every morning….oh this will be wonderful.




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2 responses to “It’s been awhile…falling off the horse teaches me a few lessons…

  1. I can sympathise Vantha – I am currently in the process of falling off the exercise and healthy eating wagon and it’s only going to get worse as I’m just about to go on a 3 week holiday and that means eating lots of food and drinking cocktails! BUT, I’ll get back on it and you will too – hey, you love HIIT workouts which is the quickest type of exercise to get you back where you want to be so that’s a great start.
    Love the blog, keep the posts coming.

    • Vantha

      Oh no! All I can say is really enjoy your holiday and make small efforts to be healthy by fitting in a workout routine with a buddy if it helps at least once a week, so you won’t start from straight scratch when you begin to get back on the wagon!

      We exercise and eat healthy regularly so we don’t have to worry when we get the opportunity to eat bad deliciously. ;D

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