Suck it Up BUTTERCUP :)

Wow! This tank is what I feel when someone decides to whine and make excuses. I just want to tell them to shove it, and keep going. I went to a race recently and saw someone wearing this one in baby blue, and I started looking for it online. Found it at for $25!

Well, recently after watching the entire Rocky series and Million Dollar Baby, my husband asked me “If you were to become a boxer or UFC fighter, what would your “nickname” be?” Completely not listening, I didn’t realize he was trying to figure out my weight class and how to announce my name and what song I’d want to walk out to. He caught me in a busy moment, while I was listening to Carolina Beach Radio on Pandora, and probably while I was cleaning the house or something, so I just gave him a quick answer and said “I don’t know! Buttercup!”  This probably came from when Build Me Up Buttercup just ended. So then he proceeded to announce my vicious boxer name…..

“Introducing first…. from the red corner. Weighing in at 118 pounds… she hails from middle of nowhere of TN. She is, the contender for the Super Fly Weight Class Championship, Vantha “Buttercup” Emmmmmbbbbrrrryyyyyyy!”

So there, now you know the real reason why I am in love with this tank. It’s my attitude when it comes to working out, and not as obnoxious as other crossfit apparel.

You can purchase this burnout screen-printed tank for $25 at! Can’t wait til mine comes in!!!!!!
Suck it Up Buttercup!


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by | July 17, 2013 · 9:53 pm

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