7/22 – Banh Xeo, Tight Butts & Bellies, and Spot Training

Ladies & Gentlemen, this golden delicious crepe-like concoction is called Banh Xeo made by my lovely mother! Pronounced, “Bahn Chow”. It is basically a crepe-like mixture made of rice flower and I’m not sure why it’s yellow, but it always has been. I think they put something in to color it, because it’s just rice flour…it’s actually really plain flavoring. Maybe the yellow is curry powder?

The inside is ground chicken stir-fried with some garlic, fish sauce, sugar, chicken bouillon, onions, and coconut shreds, and after my mom pulls it off the heat, she puts a handful of mung bean sprouts on top, then mixes them all together. She starts the banh xeo crepe – and once its brown on the bottom she puts half a handful of the chicken mix on one side like an omelet then she moves it off the skillet and onto a plate. It’s a famous and popular lunch item among the southeast asian community.

I particularly love it because my mom makes the best – and you eat it like a salad. So putting one on your plate, then hand shredding iceberg lettuce, mint leaves, basil leaves, and cucumber slices, and lay it all on top, then you spoon or ladle over the special vinegar sauce over it, and then eat it like a salad! Sooooo healthy, light and very delicious! You will fill up fast on this thing, cause it’s light, and you feel like you can keep eating and eating, but the fibrous greens will prevent you from eating a ton.  Ahhh….that was my Sunday with my parents.




As I left my parent’s, my mom sends me off with a million things. This is a habit I tend to do also, guess who I get it from? She gave me an entire giant jar of pickled mustard greens….it’s a Khmer thing… My mom makes this stuff and she made 4 jars from her own garden. She also gave me a jar of that special vinegar sauce for the banh xeo, but I could eat it with other stuff too. And she gave me some sesame seed candy, some peanuts, some fish jerky, some summer rolls wraps, rice noodles, and 4 bottles of water in case I get thirsty on the ride home.

Pickled Mustard Greens – Jrouk Spey in Khmer

It’s pickled so it’s salty and sour, but soo yummy, and I can eat far more of this than pickled cucumbers or any other pickled items…this is also great to stirfry with chicken! Just a few plants can make A LOT!


My Tight Butts & Bellies workout: I give it an A+ for a great workout! It could have been more intense but even then, I was rolling in sweat, especially the mt climbs and crab kicks, but very proud of myself for creating a workout and then sticking to it!

I added a few extra exercises, because as I was finishing up, I realized I had enough energy to do more, so I added in 50 Tricep Dips, 10 roman chair dips, and 25 foot kicks while on my knees for extra butt work. Where I feel it the most is in my saddlebag/butt area….because those kicks are really intense if you give it your all! All of this took me about half an hour. Who says you need to be working out for an hour? That’s RIDICULOUS! I can get more done in 20 minutes than an hour in higher intensity, and I still have room for core and cardio. Ahhh….I can’t help contemplating….

It’s like this fitness roadmap is beginning to take shape, and I can see that fitness has become a lifestyle for me, and not just something that will help me lose a few pounds before bikini season. It’s really a part of my life. I don’t feel as good, as energetic, as focused without exercise being as an important part of my day. I’m a high-functioning individual who needs to be 100% all the time and ready to give 110% anytime I’m called to do so.

Spot Training: So I believe wholeheartedly in spot-training….I’m talking about areas that need work. I workout on a regular basis, so when I feel the need to work a single muscle-group more often than the other it’s because that particular muscle has a long way to go.

The areas that I’m pretty jelly in are triceps, inner outer thighs, and my gut…those areas have hung loose on me for awhile. I HATE THEM. I wish death upon them! Well, that’s a little harsh, but geez, they WON’T GO AWAY!  I am SLOWLY, but surely working off the gut, and the triceps.

What I’ve been doing is ALWAYS doing CORE. Every workout has to include a core session and always include reverse crunches or lower ab work. My obliques are surprisingly really strong and they are trimming up very nicely.  It just dawned on me recently that I’ve been doing core work every workout, well, my other problem area is the triceps – the jiggly-wave-back-at-me fat that has proven to be the hardest to control. So now, I am adding triceps work in every single workout. So I’m spot training those problem areas…I guess other people would say tone up…but tone up kinda gives me the idea of total body toning…and “Spot Training” is like “spot cleaning” the dirty part of your rug, without shampooing the whole thing. It’s more intense work on those areas which are sure to provide better results. Especially if the rest of the body is toning up nicely.

Sometimes if I feel like certain areas haven’t been worked intensely out in awhile, I’ll pick up those areas and give them a good “spot clean”.

Back to my dinner: I needed protein after that workout – so I cracked 3 eggs, 18 grams of protein, 0 carbs, 70 calories a piece. I scrambled it plain with nothing in it.


I created my dinner that consisted of rice soup – basically I took half a cup of uncooked rice, filled up the pot full of water, then stirred it the entire time it was cooking….this made it into a soup. I had a small piece of fish jerky, 3 eggs, picked mustard greens and rice soup. I’m not sure how many calories this all was, but I ate the whole thing. I wasn’t full at all but was sufficient. I’m going to try to trim up the body fat this week, so I only want to consume light and  less foods. I’ll also go on a rampage to drink about a gallon of water a day. It’ll help my skin out, and wash a lot of the toxins out.




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