7/23 – Carbs in rice & Intense game of Ultimate Frisbee

Tuesday is usually a tough day to decide what type of workout I want to do.  My favorite group fitness class is Muscle +. It’s an hour long of group “personal training”. It’s major muscle groups using heavy weights focused on intensity and not reps. I love this class because it helps always gets in all muscle groups even ones I never think about working out like inner/outer thigh, calves and butt.

However I chose Ultimate Frisbee today. An INTENSE game at that. My team won, and we were the underdog the entire game. We were always losing got up to 9/9 and just shut it down after that.

A few things I noticed about myself during this game:

  • I felt out of shape…why? I’m not sure…I think it’s mainly because of my running skills. I haven’t ran in awhile.
  • I felt like I was breathing super hard, like I couldn’t get enough air in per breath. I think this just meant I haven’t done any real cardiovascular exercise in awhile.
  • I realized that my body & mind could handle the pressure I was putting it under and that felt great. Means the workouts, the training and consistency allowed me to react at my optimal capacity.
  • I was on it. Every time the frisbee was moving, I was at the right place, at the right time, and one guy said, “You can really thread those needles!” He was talking about being ale to still pass while under pressure and finding the right teammate and putting him in the right spot to catch. In other words, throwing to a seemingly covered teammate, but getting him to move out of that state and positioning him for the catch.
  • I ran faster than any of the other girls. I think maybe a couple of other people ran faster, but I was running sprint circles and making great catches around the field.
  • I am intense. I have fun, but I take my catches and passes seriously and I am in the zone.
  • ALWAYS glad when I choose frisbee over Muscle+. I just hate that I can’t do them both.

Next time I’ll take some photos so I can post how our games look.

For lunch: I had a very simple lunch. Just rice soup and that fish from yesterday. I kept it simple because I didn’t want to put any thought into what I was eating. I didn’t want that to consume my day. I gotta tell you a little about rice and it’s nutrition content.


As you can see for 1 cup cooked, its 205 calories….ok not too bad, eat that with some veggies and meat, you can get away with a 600 cal lunch or dinner. But LOOK AT THE CARBS! Holy milkshakes! 44.5 GRAMS! The recommended carb intake before you start gaining weight is 100-150! If I accidentally eat 3 cups of rice in a day, I’m automatically on the path to gain weight!! I ate roughly 3 cups today between lunch and dinner. 😦

For dinner: Korma stir-fry. I used a bottle of simmer sauce and chopped up shitake mushrooms, green beans, red sweet peppers and sauteed it with chicken as my meat. Of course, I ate it with rice. Dang it! I will really think twice about how much rice I can put away.

Well, there’s my day. It wasn’t too glamorous today.


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